Pat – Angela Reid
Will – Bryce Bo Kaan
Janice – Lynette Zito
Ben Jenkins – Peter Cronshaw
Danny – Chris Fay
Jean – Margaret Hughes
Kelly – Nikkoli Kenman
Chris – Tony Cormack
Ruth – Glenys Driver
Thomas – Warren Taminiau
Traffic Controller – Al Hayes
Farmer – Gordon Flint
Farmer’s wife – Norelle Brent
1st Tourist – Roslyn Muirhead
2nd Tourist – Benedicta Radic
Young Cowboy – Kristopher Kook
Girlfriend – Kayla Gibson
Taxi Driver – Kevin Hetherington

Writer & Director – Wayne Moore
Producers –  Rex Forwood, Wayne Moore & Harry Yates
Director of Photography, Editor, Visual Effects & Sound Design – Rex Forwood
Script Consultant Bo Kaan
Music Score – Rex Forwood
Make Up/Hair & Wardrobe Design – Lynette Zito
Make Up/Wardrobe Assistants – Benedicta Radic & Jessica Foulston
Continuity – Cast & Crew
Location Manager (settler’s cottage) – Peter Cronshaw
Production Assistants (including assistant directing, camera assisting,
” boom swinging, gaffering, gripping & standby propping, etc) ”
Chris Fay
Gordon Flint
Roslyn Muirhead,
Kleon Toffetti
Tony Lake
Karen Robertson
Rob Kanach

Catering: Bring Your Own Meal

‘Blind Spot’ the song
Written & Performed by Bo Kaan
‘Fly Away’ the song
Written & Performed by Bo Kaan

Byron Regional Community College
Charley Boyle for the loan of his doorway dolly
Kon Papadopolous – Kyogle Taxis
Mike Donnolly – Kyogle Motel
Sue & Gary Gilliland – Exchange Hotel
Mark Trudinger – CTC Kyogle Together
Jim & Bev Hewett – Dairy, Runnymede Rd
Sue & Laurie at the Sundowner Cafe
Robert Moore
Adam Heath
Michelle Alberth
Charlotte Brookes
Colleen & John Weir
Anthony Short
Kyogle Cinema Staff & Volunteers
And our on set dogs, ‘Benny, Lazarus & Mambo’ for all the good times
And many thanks to the people of Kyogle and surrounds.
No animal was harmed during this production, however,
‘Mambo’ may have had his feelings hurt.

The characters & events depicted in this photoplay are ficticous
& any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental

Shot entirely on location